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Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is nothing but systematic plan to distribute one’s estate according to one’s wishes in future, (mostly once she/he is not around.)

Ultimate Purpose of Estate Planning is fulfilling the wishes of Estate owners wishes as closely as possible.

We strongly recommend everyone to register nominations to all their Financial Assets and write a Will as basic processes of Estate Planning.

Have you written a will..?

Unfortunately, popularly believed that it’s only for Rich and famous or Old person. In fact it’s one of most important responsibility of every one, who has assets and dependents, irrespective of age.

If you want to all your property to be transferred peacefully without any confusion, mis-understanding, disputes, costly legal formalities and complications to your loved ones, in the manner, your wish, then writing a ‘WILL’ is the only solution.

Disadvantages of not leaving behind any WILL ( i.e. Intestancy)

  • Unnecessary Legal complications and associated huge costs to family members.
  • The Law will decide how to distribute your hard-earned assets and properties. The Law may give some unworthy relative a share in your properties, against your wish.
  • There will be long delays in getting your assets passed on to Loved one. Usually it takes a year to couple of years.

Advantages of writing a WILL

  • After your life, there are no confusions or disputes among family members and relatives as how to dispose of your assets. It brings in clarity and avoids disputes.
  • Unlike law of inheritance, you can cater to special needs of some the family members. ( example: Infant children, orphan niece/nephews/ grandchildren, handicapped member, widowed sister/daughter etc)
  • Unlike Law inheritance, you can make special provision for faithful servant, caring nurse, a close Friend in need, the school/ college you studied, Religious organisation or an NGO which is working for a social or environment cause closer to your heart.
  • Unlike Law of inheritance, you can take away the rights of any disobedient children or disloyal spouse, who did not take care of you.
  • If you are parent of minor kids, then it’s essential and strongly recommended to write a WILL and nominate the Guardians to take care of your minor children in case of the untimely demise of both the Parents. Otherwise, in case of dispute, the Court decide, who should have the Custody, which is long drawn- costly Legal battle. Meanwhile for Children, it’s very critical time and they tend to suffer emotionally. This disturbance will have very negative impact on over all well-being of the children including physical health and academics.
  •  WILL is not only an inventory list of our Assets and properties to be distributed as per our wish after our life, but also it’s a very personal document to express our love, care, thanks and gratitude to people, who contributed immensely to personal family life and shaped our career, believed us and stood by us firmly during struggling phase and made us feel important and worth living during our entire life. Yes, we owe to so many people in our life.

We have expert Legal luminaries on our panel to counsel and help you write a WILL, which is correct as per the provisions of the law of the land.

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