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Insurance is the best tool to manage potential risk, which can result in Financial loss.

There two types of Insurances

a. Life Insurance b. General (Non- Life) Insurance.

Life Insurance:

1.Protection Series:
Pure form of insurance, where at very low cost, a high cover. Usually they don’t carry any maturity value. 

Products available:

Online Term Insurance, Term Insurance with return of premium, Cancer care, Cancer and Kidney Care plans etc.

2.Savings Plans:
These are combination of Risk cover and savings. Hence, mostly all these plans will have maturity value. 

Product available:
Endowment Plans, Money Back Plans, Children Plans, Whole Life Plans, Unit Linked Plans etc.

3. Pension Plans:

These are meant for creating corpus at retirement by saving during working life.

4. Annuities:

These plans will generate regular stream of fixed income mostly through the life of investor to take care post retirement regular expenses. There are different types of Annuity Plans are available. One needs to choose based on his requirements.  Example: Life pension, Spouse Pension, Annuity Certain and Return of Purchase Price.

General Insurance:

Under General Insurance we offer following products:

1.Motor Insurance Policies
2.Health Insurance Policies (Individual and Group)
3.Personal Accidental Insurance Policies (Individual and Group)
4.Home Insurance Policies
5.Professional Indemnity Policies (Individual and Group)
6.Product liability Insurance
7.Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (Individual and Group)
8.Fire and Burglary insurance
9.Event Insurance
10.Merchant Insurance
11.Package policies for SMEs.

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